When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you save two lives. The animal you adopt and the one that replaces them.

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Senior Cats for Senior Laps


Senior Cats for Senior Laps is a program for both senior citizens and senior cats with a goal to provide loving companionship for seniors looking to share their homes with a friendly, gentle animal, and to find permanent homes for wonderful, overlooked cats in need. Our program places senior cats who are 9 years or older with senior citizens who are 65+ years older. We waive the adoption fees for senior adopters who participate in this program.

We understand our kittens are so cute and entertaining, how can anyone not want to take them all home!? We definitely do. But we also see firsthand what happens when our kittens are grown and suddenly lose the only home they have ever known. We also see how these older cats lose their homes due to moving, babies, divorce, loss of job/home, but more often than not, due to the loss of their owner, and end up in a metal cage, in a crowded, noisy shelter. This is where they spend months of confinement only to be overlooked again and again – because everyone passing by wants that oh-so-cute kitten. Senior-aged cats can be hard to place since many families are looking for a pet to last 15 – 20 years and grow with their children.

We know these fabulous, loving animals deserve a second chance. We hope you won’t turn them away either.

Benefits of adopting a senior pet

  • They help improve your mental and physical health – lower blood pressure/stress and reduce depression
  • They provide you with constant companionship
  • They are often calmer companions and are already trained to use the litter box and scratching posts
  • Their personalities have already developed, so you’ll know if they are a good fit for you

Before you Adopt

P.A.W.S. realizes that adopting any pet, as we approach our golden years, is a big decision. We’d like our senior adopters to please consider the below statements and questions before adopting and understand that we’ll be going over these before placing a cat in a senior home.  We will match a cat to your abilities and environment.

  • Your new pet will require vet visits. Do you have transportation?
  • Do you have the financial resources for the lifelong veterinary care your new senior cat will need?
  • Your senior cat may need medication, which should be clearly marked and stored in a separate location from your own.
  • Your senior cat may need to be cared for should you fall ill or be injured. Who will care for your pet if you are unable to?
  • All of our cats must be kept strictly indoors, and that requires litter boxes that need regular cleaning, which means having the ability to bend /stoop over and scoop litter.

Ready to Adopt?

Our experienced volunteers take many things into consideration when deciding about placing any of our cats in their new home. Every situation is different, so please understand our goal is to find the perfect home for our animals.