When you adopt from a no-kill shelter, you save two lives. The animal you adopt and the one that replaces them.

New Adult Volunteer Meeting

July 9, 2024 7:00pm

P.A.W.S. of Tinley Park

8301 W. 191st, Tinley Park, IL

July 20, 2024 10:00am

P.A.W.S. of Tinley Park

8301 W. 191st, Tinley Park, IL





General Membership Meetings

Last Tuesday of February, March, April, September and November

Tinley Park Historical Society

6727 174th St

Tinley Park, IL 60477

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P.A.W.S. Pet Therapy Program is run by a wonderful group of volunteers that visit ten different local nursing homes, senior living and memory care facilities three times a year.  P.A.W.S. has been using shelter animals for therapeutic purposes for over 30 years.

During these visits, the residents are encouraged to stroke or hold the animals and interact with them. Our volunteers bring appropriate dogs and cats from P.A.W.S. currently awaiting adoption.

These visits are enjoyed by the residents and are therapeutic as well. Animals used for therapy are calming and uplifting. It has been proven that animals can help improve quality of life. The volunteers enjoy bringing smiles to the faces of those who may not be able to interact with animals otherwise and also benefit from hearing heartwarming stories and memories of cherished pets once belonging to those residents. The animals themselves are rewarded with a trip away from the shelter and all the extra attention lavished upon them. The nurses and caregivers look forward to our visits as well and are very helpful and accommodating while we are there. P.A.W.S. Animal Therapy Program is truly a blessing to all those involved.